Diabolical Diseases

At this months YAC meeting, we were looking at diseases from the past and some that also affect archaeologists today.

First members were given a talk all about the diseases with lots of gruesome pictures and yucky facts. After this we split into groups for three activities. One group used UV glow gel to look at how well they washed their hands. The gel shows every bit of dirt you’ve missed and shows how important it is to wash your hands well after digging!

Another group got to dress up as forensic archaeologists in suits, hats, glasses and face masks.

While the final group got to make “agar plates with bacteria” on them, well, jelly plates with sprinkles, but they looked really good!

Everyone got to have a go at all the activities. The last activity for the session was to design a Most Wanted Poster for their favourite Bug. The best poster will get a prize of a cuddly bacteria at the Christmas party!

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