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Old Sarum with Julian Richards

For this month’s session we had a special visitor: Julian Richards came to talk to us about Old Sarum and the project English Heritage had asked him to do. First Julian gave a short talk on Old Sarum. Then we sat and talked about what would make Old Sarum more interesting to visitors and drew some pictures to illustrate our ideas which Julian took away with him.

YAC members with Julian Richards

Julian then set us the task connected with Stonehenge: we had to try to make a raft to float stones on water.


This proved to be not that easy, but there was definitely a winning design.  Very Clever!


Bewildering Buildings

This month at YAC, members took an active approach to learning about standing buildings. This involved completing a quiz around Salisbury Cathedral Close. Members not only had to answer a specific question about each building but also had to use their information sheets to work out the date of the doors and windows by their architectural style. Bonus points were awarded for identifying the type of brick bonds used. Having honed their skill around The Close, members finished the session by visiting the cathedral to learn more about its architectural history.

Examples of architectural styles