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January 14th (not first weekend)

Salisbury Museum

World War II Archaeology

You can find archaeological evidence for World War II both on land and sea.  Around the coast, and further inland, defences were built to stop the German invasion.  On the seafloor, you can find World War II ship, submarine and aircraft wrecks, which tell the story of the many battles fought both in the air and at sea.

This session will involve handling World War II artefacts found at sea and fun hands-on activities including dressing up as a real World War II pilot.

February 4th

Salisbury Museum

Medieval Monks and Monasteries

A range of activities learning about life in a Medievel Monastery.  Draw you own manuscript letter and discover medieval herbal remedies.

March 3rd

Salisbury Museum

 Chalk Figures

Discover all about the various chalk figures that are spread across the English countryside, both old and not so old.  We will be creating our own chalk figures and exploring uses of chalk in Salisbury Museum.

April 7th

 Salisbury Museum

 Horrible Histories

Dress-up and create your own sketch for South Wiltshire’s own Horrible History film.

May 5th

St. Micheal’s church, Winterbourne

Churches and Graveyard

Join us at St Micheal’s church in Winterbourne Eraly for a morning of learning about the history of churches, folowing trails to spot different features of the church, recording gravestones and deisgning a gargoyle! Bring a coat in case of wet weather.

June 2nd


 Playing with Pots

Explore pottery through time, in fact create a pottery time line and have a go at making your own prehistoric pot.

July 7th


No Meeting


No Meeting

October 6th

November 3rd

December 1st

Salisbury Museum

Christmas Party

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