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Destination Devizes!

This month we met up with members of Young WANHS (Wiltshire Archaeology and Natural History Society) at Devizes Museum.

Ali, their Leader, had arranged some really great things for us to do.

First we explored the amazing Bronze Age collection, mostly from the area around Stonehenge, then we had a go at making copies of some of the finds.

We used soft wire to make bracelets

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Excellent Excavation

This month at our YAC meeting, members were lucky enough to get some hands-on experience on a REAL ARCHAEOLOGICAL EXCAVATION!

We all met up at Down Farm in Dorset on Saturday the 8th of September. Down Farm, however, is no ordinary farm, its owner Dr Martin Green is also an excellent archaeologist and he’s been excavating on his land since the 1970s.
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It’s not just about digging it up!

On Saturday May 5th there were more of us than usual, as we welcomed members of the Young Wiltshire Archaeology and Natural History Society for the morning.

Together we tried our hands at recording – all the different ways of keeping track of the information uncovered during an excavation.

We had a go at finds illustration – and found that some of us had a natural talent for it!

Recording our mini-sections was quite a challenge, especially setting up the posts and tape, but we all managed it and can be proud of the results.

Drawing a plan of a trench to scale isn’t easy either – and some of us would have liked to carry on a bit longer so we could finish and puzzle over our interesting sites!

At the end of the meeting, as a reward for our efforts, we visited the Tudor hands-on exhibition in the Museum, but no-one really deserved to be put in the stocks after working so hard!

Potty about Pottery

This month at YAC, members learned all about pottery – when and how it was first made and how it changed over time from coil pots to wheel-thrown pots. They thought about how and why shapes and designs varied and how as archaeologists they could use these changes to date the pottery. Then they went all around the museum looking at the different types of pottery, sketching the different sizes, shapes and designs that they saw.

After this things got messy as members used their sketches to create their own coil pot, modelled on what they had seen and learnt in the museum.

Iron Age activities and Roman replicas

This month’s YAC session looked at daily life in the Iron Age and the Roman invasion. Members were set the task of identifying a series of jobs that Iron Age people would have done.

Then they had to work out what archaeological evidence would be left and how they, as archaeologists, could use this to prove what people were doing in the past.

Having solved this puzzle members were then set the challenge of using their detective skills to interpret an archaeological site. Each team of archaeologists was given a site plan, some environmental data and access to real pottery and animal bones. From this they had to work out as much as possible about the people who lived on the site in the past.

Then half way through the session they were ‘invaded’ by Optio Lucius, a Roman soldier. He came along to tell them not only about the Romans, but to explaine how all the different bits of his outfit had been reproduced using REAL archaeological evidence from the local area!