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Food through the Ages

This month we had a look at different foods from the past. We looked at the Roman, Tudor and World War II food and how different it is from today’s food.

For the Romans, we made dormice and stuffed dates:

For the Tudors we made Marchpane:

And for the WWII we made condensed milk Jelly!

Lots of fun, I wonder if the food dye came out!!

Mesolithic Menus!

So how exactly did people survive in the Mesolithic (the name given to the period 8,000-4,000 BC)? That’s we set out to discover at this month’s meeting.

We did a quiz to find out what birds and mammals were hunted all that time ago, then thought a bit more about the equipment Mesolithic hunters would need to catch them.

Sometimes the best way to understand something is to experiment, so we made ourselves spears and fishing rods and tried them out on some unsuspecting fish!
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