Rock Art

Rock art was the subject of this month’s meeting – an opportunity to find out more about pictographs (paintings or drawings) and petroglyphs (carvings).

First everyone had to make their own piece of rock from a mixture of sand and plaster. It took 20 mins for the rock to dry, which gave time to try out designs on paper. Then petroglyphs were carved with pointed flints and images of animals and intricate patterns appeared on the ‘rocks’!

Emma experimented with the type of pigments (colours) used by the first cave painters, by mixing water with coloured soils and silts, and other members tried this successfully too.

With all these cave paintings, what we needed was a cave! So Chris organised a team to make one out of chairs and a huge tarpaulin.

Sadly for us this was Chris’s last session. After 9 years regular attendance he has reached the grand old age of 16. We wish him well now it’s time for him to leave us.

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