YAC 10th Birthday Party: March 2008

This month South Wiltshire YAC branch celebrated its 10th birthday

We had a whole range of activities to try and of course the results of the ‘Design an archaeological theme park’ competition to be announced. We had some very special help with the judging of the competition, Raksha and Phil from Time Team came along to join us.

Everyone had a go at all four of the activities: designing a gargoyle, building a mini Stonehenge, making a mosaic and making a model of a Time Team Land Rover.

At the end of the meeting everyone gathered around for a piece of our very special cake and the prizes were given out. Well done to all those that won a prize and also to everyone who entered the competition. The entries were all fantastic.

Thank you to everyone who made the party a great success, especially to everyone that helped, to Phil and Raksha for giving their time to visit us and to Julie for making such a fabulous cake.

Here’s to the next 10 years!

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