Christmas Party 2006

It’s that time of year again and the first (and probably best) Christmas party of 2006 was held at Salisbury Museum when the South West Wilts YAC celebrated in fine style with lots of delicious food (thanks to Cally!) and plenty of games with an archaeological twist (thanks to Cat!).

First though, we had to try to recognise each other as members and leaders arrived heavily disguised. Bailey and Brannon won the prizes for the best fancy dress. The leaders decided not to have their photos taken – their costumes weren’t in the same league as these!

Some of the games involved thought and decision making – like building the tallest tower possible with newspaper and Sellotape – and the competition was a close run thing.

Some games were more about speed and determination and the winners deserved their success, risking bruised toes for a prize of a bag of sweets – and the glory of course!

The prize for the best folders went to Brannon and Charlotte who had both worked really hard to produce an exciting record of the archaeology they found interesting this year. All the leaders were very impressed. It made all their work over the last year seem well worthwhile!

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