Egyptian Antics

This month at YAC we all went Egyptian. The members’ first challenge of the day was to create their own cartouche. This involved the fun, and very messy, task of making some salt dough. This they shaped into a long, flat oval and pierced two holes in the top, so that when they had finished they could hang their cartouche on their bedroom door/wall.

Next they had to write either their own name or that of one of the Egyptian gods in paint on the dough. But not in English! They had to translate it into hieroglyphics first!!! Then the cartouches were ready to be taken home and baked dry in the oven.

The next part of the session was all about Egyptian games. The task was to cut out and colour in a playing board for the game of Mehen. This is also known as the ‘Snake Game’. After making the boards, members played games against each other.

And finally, what session about the Egyptians would be complete without playing the ‘Mummy Game’! This time it was girls v boys, to see who could wrap up one of their team mates as a mummy! The girls led from the start, and despite a valiant comeback from the boys in the dying moments of the game, the girls managed to cling on to their lead and win the game!

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