It’s not just about digging it up!

On Saturday May 5th there were more of us than usual, as we welcomed members of the Young Wiltshire Archaeology and Natural History Society for the morning.

Together we tried our hands at recording – all the different ways of keeping track of the information uncovered during an excavation.

We had a go at finds illustration – and found that some of us had a natural talent for it!

Recording our mini-sections was quite a challenge, especially setting up the posts and tape, but we all managed it and can be proud of the results.

Drawing a plan of a trench to scale isn’t easy either – and some of us would have liked to carry on a bit longer so we could finish and puzzle over our interesting sites!

At the end of the meeting, as a reward for our efforts, we visited the Tudor hands-on exhibition in the Museum, but no-one really deserved to be put in the stocks after working so hard!

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